International Rail Freight Conference



Oliver Sellnick

Director Freight
UIC, France

- Responsible since 2005 for Freight at UIC, the worldwide railway association with over 200 members in Paris. Projects include e.g. the development of a European wagonload product and productivity improvements for combined traffic.
- Managed the international long-distance business of Deutsche Bahn AG from 2002 onwards, including new projects like the Aleo high speed cooperation between Frankfurt/Stuttgart and Paris, and the ICE International between Frankfurt and Brussels/Amsterdam
- Over ten years of experience in the airline industry with Lufthansa German Airlines: Major assignments included strategy development, alliance management, low-cost projects, passenger marketing in the US, key account management for cargo and e-business
- Started career with Dresdner Bank in banking
- Holds business degrees from McGill University / Montreal, INSEAD / Fontainebleau and European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel (close to Frankfurt)
- Personal: German citizen, married, one daughter age two

Lajos Simon

Secretary of the Committee OSJD
Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD), Poland

Secretary of the Committee OSJD, representative of Hungary in OSJD. He graduated from
Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, specialization "Railways‘ operation". He has been working in the sphere of railway transport since 1973. He was working as the Engineer on a large marshalling yard, as a specialist in the area of planning and international cooperation in General Directory of Hungarian Railways and in the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Hungary.
During five years he represented Hungarian Government Railways in Soviet Union and during 8 years in Russian Federation.
Since 2000 he was responsible for conditions and capacity of railway cargo transport among Hungary and CIS countries including the transportation according to the SMGS law (MAV, since 2006 MAV Cargo).
He has been at the position of Secretary of the Committee OSJD since 1st September 2008.

Zhao Zhang

Director of railway transport committee
CIFA – China International Freight Forwarders Association, China

1998—2003 sinotrans group chief representative in Almaty
2003—2008 sinotrans group deputy general manager of transportation management
2008—2009 sinotrans group deputy general manager of land transportation
2009—now sinotrans group General Manager of Land Transportation Department

Vladimir Yakunin

President Russian Railways
RZD Railways of the Russian Federation, Russia

Vladimir Yakunin was appointed president of Russian Railways by the Government of the Russian Federation in June 2005.

Born in 1948, Yakunin graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics as a Mechanical Engineer in 1972 and began his career as a junior research scientist at the State Institute of Applied Chemistry. After completing military service in the Soviet Army, he worked as an engineer and senior engineer at the Administration of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for Foreign Trade and was also head of department at the A. F. Yoffe Physics and Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
Between 1985 and 1991, Yakunin was Second and then First Secretary of the USSR’s Permanent Representative Office at the United Nations. He was then Chairman of the Board at the International Centre for Business Cooperation before becoming head of the North-Western Federal District Inspectorate of the Senior Control Department of the President of the Russian Federation
Yakunin became Deputy Minister of Transport in October 2000 and first Deputy Minister of Railways in February 2002. In October 2003, the Board of Russian Railways unanimously appointed Yakunin First Vice-President of the Company.
Since January 2006, has been the scientific leader and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Governance and Problem Analysis Centre attached to the Economics Section of the Department of Social Sciences at Russian Academy of Sciences (
In October 2007, he was awarded the Company medal “Honoured Rail Employee of Russian Railways” for his great contribution to implementing measures to reform rail transport, elaborating the development strategy of Russia’s railways, ensuring a constructive social policy and effective cooperation with Russia’s government and regions and with foreign railway administrations and international organizations,
Yakunin was reappointed President of Russian Railways by Russian Government Decree No. 843-r dated 12 June 2008.

Ivo Vykydal

Deputy Minister
Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic

1982 – 1986
Technical University in Brno, School of Civil Engineering, Geodetic and Cartographic Department
1986 – 1993
Construction of uranium mines, later renamed to SUBTERRA, reconstruction of the Water Power Plant at Dlouhé Stráně in the Jeseníky Mountains, mines measurements – surveyor of underground civil engineering objects
1993 – 1998
GEODIS Brno, s.r.o., offices at Šumperk, surveyor, location of geodetic and cartographic work in the Central and Northern Moravia (among others, documentation for the prepared digital model of terrain in the Moravia River basin after the 1997 floods)
1993 – 2002
Secondary School of Architectural Renovation in Šumperk, external geodetic lecturer
2006 - 2007
IREA s.r.o. – expert technician – engineering and investor activities
Consulting and organisational services
2007 – now

Xiaodong Zhang

School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Professor Zhang earned his PhD of engineering from the School of Traffic and Transportation, North Jiaotong University(now Beijing Jiaotong University)in 2003.
Besides from being a teacher at the university, he is also a member of the transportation committee of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration, the deputy president of Beijing Logistics Association, an executive member of the automotive logistics branch of the China Federation of Logistics Purchasing, an expert for the warning system of the industry injuries in the logistics industry for the Ministry of Commerce, an executive member and a researcher of the China Society of Logistics, a member of the inter-ministerial China Logistics Expert Committee, and an adviser of Beijing Changping district Government.
His fields of research include planning and management of the modern logistics systems, logistics parks layout, supply chain management, railway freight and logistics, and marketing of transportation and logistics.
He published 4 books and nearly 50 papers, and led more than 40 projects. He also took part in the feasibility study of the Beijing government project "The 11th Five-Year Development Guidelines” in Logistics and China’s State Council project “Logistics Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Plan”.

Zubajda Aspayeva

Head of OSJD Committee of Cargo Transportation
Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD), Poland


Eric Fontanel

General Manager
UNIFE – The European Rail Industry, Belgium

For the previous two years, Eric Fontanel has served as the General Manager of UNIFE, the European Rail Industry's association body in Brussels, Belgium. He was born in Cherbourg, France, in 1949, and later graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris. For the past 35 years he has held various management positions in the railway manufacturing sector, including time spent as the Project Director of the TMST (Eurostar) Consortium and as Director of Strategic Planning of the Locomotives Division of ALSTOM Transport. In 2003 he became Director of Standards and Regulations for ALSTOM Transport, and therefore spearheaded the company's relations with the European bodies. It was in 2007 that he was appointed General Manager of UNIFE.

Dr. Gerhard Troche

Policy Officer (END), Rail Transport and Interoperability
European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium

- since 2010: Policy Officer (END) at the European Commission, DG MOVE - Rail Transport and Interoperability
- 2008 - 2010: Expert advisor in the Freight Corridor Working Group at the Swedish Ministry of Transport
- 2003 - 2010: Independent railway and logistics consultant
- 1996 - 2010: Scientific Researcher and project leader at the Railway Group of the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH) / Sweden.

Michael A. Robson

International Railway Consultant
Great Britain

Michael Robson is an Independent International Transport Consultant. He retired in June 2010 as a Secretary General of the European Rail Infrastructure Managers, based in Brussels. Mr Robson has experience in managing operations, passenger sales, general management, freight, performance regimes, train and engineering planning in nationalized and private railways. He has particular expertise in the UK rail market. Mr Robson is experienced in studying the effects of new and proposed European Railway legislation and is currently a member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Institute of Management. His recent experience has covered the trends in infrastructure investment, maintenance and renewal in addition to new rail projects mostly in Europe but with some world exposure. He is also experienced in work on financing and replacement of rolling stock (locomotives, passenger vehicles and freight wagons) in addition to safety and security aspects.

Erik Evtimov

Senior Legal Adviser, Project Coordinator CIM/SMGS
International Rail Transport Committee (CIT), Switzerland

Erik Evtimov studied law at the Universities of Sofia and Bern. He was awarded a Master of European Law following post graduate studies in European law at Saarland University. He qualified as a lawyer in Sofia. A doctorate was conferred on him by the University of Bern in 2003.
He was formerly a lawyer in the legal department of Caritas Schweiz having been an academic assistant at the Institute for European and International Economic Law at the University of Bern and a Project Manager at the World Trade Institute in Bern.
He is a lecturer in European and International Rail Transport Law at the University of Bern. From 2001 to 2005 he was Secretary of the Swiss section of the ECSA Suisse.
He has worked as a Senior Legal Adviser in the General Secretariat of the CIT since 2004. He is a chairman of the CIT/OSJD CIM/SMGS Legal Group and the UNECE Informal Group of Experts on Unified Railway Law and a member of various working groups and committees of the CIT.

Gustav Kafka

Deputy to the Secretary General
Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF), Switzerland

1970–1972 University, Graz: Institute for the Organisation of Public Administration and for Comparative Public Law
1972–1976 Unilever Austria, Vienna: Department for Organisational Matters
1976–1986 Ministry of Transport, Vienna: Sub-Unit for International Railway Transport
1986–1988 Ministry for Public Economy and Transport, Vienna: Head of Sub-Unit for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail
1988-2007 Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna: Head of Unit for Transport of Dangerous Goods by all Modes of Transport
2007- Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF): Deputy to the Secretary General, Head of Legal Service

Gennady Bessonov

Secretary General
Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT), Russia

Gennady Bessonov was born in 1950. He graduated from the Fergana Polytechnic Institute in 1973, the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in 1992, and the Higher Diplomatic courses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001.
He had worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1987 to 2005 and held various diplomatic posts in the Central office of the Ministry and abroad. From 2001 to October 2005 Mr. Bessonov had been the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Gothenburg (Sweden). Starting December 2005, Gennady Bessonov is the Secretary General of the CCTT.

Olaf Krüger

Director Management Europaean Rail Traffic and Chairman of the Executive Board of the IBS
Community of European Railforwarders (IBS) / Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Germany

Olaf Krüger is since 1992 in charge of the development of Rail activities within the Kühne + Nagel group. Prior to Kühne + Nagel, he was responsible for the Cargo Divi-sion of Deutsche Reichsbahn (East German Railway).
Olaf Krüger is co-founder of the Europäischen Interessengemeinschaft der Bahnspe-diteure (Community of European Rail Forwarders) founded in 1996, since when he was kept reelected as its Chairman. Main objective of IBS is to coordinate business envi-ronment and frame regulation in further development of Railfreight transport services.

Ivan Petrov

Vice President
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), Bulgaria

Doctor Degree in Logistics and Transportation from Sofia Economic University
FIATA – Vice President, Chairman Regional Committee Europe and Chairman Working Group Rail
CLECAT – Member of Board and Chairman Rail Logistics Institute
NSBS (The Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics) – Vice President

Sergey Stolyarov

Acting Head of the Department of International Relations
RZD Railways of the Russian Federation, Russia


Peter Pavlík

Member of the Board and CAO
ZSSK Cargo, Slovakia


Timur Zhunusov

General Manager of Marketing Department
KTZ Kazakhstan Railways, Kazakhstan

He has been working in the railway transport sphere since 1998. Till 2007 he worked in the administration of Kazakhstan Railways. He was responsible for the area of common tariff policy, marketing of cargo transportation, the questions of the enterprise’s development and restructuring of Kazakhstan Railways. During his work as a representative of Ministry of Transport and Communications and Kazakhstan Railways he was engaged in the international activities regarding the development of railway transport in many international organisations like Council of CIS, The Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) and Council for Rail Transport of CIS and Baltic States (CRT CIS)

Mirpulat Mirkhamidov

Head of Marketing Department
UTI Uzbekistan Railways, Uzbekistan

He graduated from the Railway Transport Engineering Institute in Taškent, which is the oldest (established 1931) university of this sort in the region. He has been working with the railways since 1989, he has worked in many stations and line companies, in transport-logistics companies, also in the cargo transport administration of the Uzbek Railways.
In 1999 - 2000 he graduated from the Uzbekistan Republic President’s Academy of State and Social Civil Engineering with an M.A. title. In 2000 he became a deputy manager, in 2006 a manager of the marketing services of GAZhK "Uzbekiston temir jullari" (ГАЖК "Узбекистон темир йуллари").

Vitaliy Kapelko

Deputy Manager of the Marketing and Transport Logistics Department
BC Belarus Railways, Belarus

An expert in the development of transit railway transport at the Belarus Railways. Cooperation with the management of the railways in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the railways in the Baltic countries and the licensed European carriers. He is in charge of development, planning and coordination of cargo transport for the East-West-East connection, including the 2nd Pan-European transport corridor. He graduated from the Belarus President’s Administration Academy in the field of “World Economy and International Economic Relations” and the State Transport University of Belarus in the field of “Transport Process Administration”. He had a fellowship in Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein (Germany, Kiel). Since 2007 he has been the deputy manager of the marketing and transport logistics department of the Belarus Railways.

Tomáš Honomichl

Chief Administration and Development Officer
ČD Cargo, Czech Republic

In 1998 he graduated from the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. He is 37. Before coming to ČD Cargo he worked as an executive officer at the logistics company LOG-IN in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Boguslaw Ney

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr Boguslaw Ney currently occupies a position of President and CEO at the CARGOSPED Ltd. (freight forwarder and logistics operator owned by PKP CARGO S.A. - a Polish national railway freight transport company). He was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1955, and graduated from the Warsaw University
of Technology (Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering). For the past 25 years, he held various management positions:
- P.T.H.Z. Elektrim, responsible for export of power plants to Turkey and for Special Transactions Department),
- Autosan Trading (automotive sector, production of buses), managing director,
- PROFOR S.A. (automotive sector, production and sales of buses), president and CEO,
- JAGUAR Poland, managing director,
- Naftoserwis, responsible for Service and Maintenance Department, Member of the Board,
- PKP CARGO S.A., head of strategy department, plenipotentiary of the Board.
In 2009, he was appointed the CARGOSPED Ltd.’s President and CEO.

Jiří Paděra

Managing Director
JERID, Czech Republic

Mr. Padera graduated from Palacky University in Olomouc in 2004. Since 2005 he worked for OLTIS Group as a consultant and a project manager, participating in various implementations of tailored information systems designed for different kinds of logistics fields. His focus on railways was confirmed in 2009 when he became the Implementation director of JERID, responsible for ICT rail cargo projects home and abroad. Since 2010 he has been the managing director of JERID.

Sandra Géhénot

Senior Freight Advisor
UIC, France

International Union of Railways, Paris
– Senior Freight Advisor
– Projects include DIOMIS (assessing how to ensure modal shift to rail in a context of shared and saturated infrastructure), IMPORT (improving the productivity of combined transport), ICOMOD (assessing the viability of a rail link between Asia and Europe)
English Welsh and Scottish Railway International, London
– Market Manager, Intermodal Department
– Management of 2 (out of 5) intermodal key accounts which operated through the Channel Tunnel
Railfreight Distribution Limited (channel tunnel freight division of British Rail), London
– European Business Manager
– BA Languages, MSC Business - in the UK
– Belgian citizenship
– Married, one daughter

Werner Bach

Referent for International Affairs and Organizations
DB Schenker Rail, Germany

Started working for Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1971.
Working in the productionbranch of Deutsche Bundesbahn
1990 Graduation as Diplom-Verwaltungsbetriebswirt
1990 - 1993 Salesmanager for passenger traffic
1993 - 1995 Salesmanager for freight traffic
Since 1995 working in different Branches of international affaires at DB Cargo and Railion Deutschland AG
President of the Managing Committee of DIUM/NHM of UIC

Walter Schulze-Freyberg

POLZUG, Germany

Mr. Walter Schulze-Freyberg has more than 25 years professional experience in the transport sector, during which he acquired detailed knowhow of the market for intermodal transportation, both as customers as well as operator of intermodal services. After being educated as master mariner (AG) and several years at sea, he started his career on land in 1981 with Deutsche Babcock as logistics expert for the set-up of plants world-wide, before he joined HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, for which he worked as Senior Transport Expert and Team Leader in international transport projects.
One of these projects concerned in 1991 the elaboration of a feasibility study and business plan for a container block train from Hamburg Port to Poland. Walter was assigned to implement this project and became Managing Director of the newly founded Polzug Poland-Hamburg Transport GmbH (today POLZUG Intermodal GmbH). In 15 years he developed the company from a small rail operator with one weekly train pair between Hamburg and Poland to a medium-sized transport operator with 25 weekly train pairs connecting Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam to the markets in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Miroslav Haltuf

International Affairs Representative
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

Miroslav Haltuf was born in 1958, graduated at the University of Žilina, Faculty of Operation and Economy of Railway Transport. He has dedicated himself to railway transport since 1981. He worked for Czechoslovak State Railways in various operational positions and later on, at Czech Railways, he manly attended to international affairs activities in the field of UIC and Paneuropean Transport Corridors. Since 1999 he acts in private sector as advisor, independent expert and project manager. Currently he cooperates e.g. with UNIFE, UIC, ERA, OPTA and is also a member of some international projects focused basically on the improvement of RFID technology in railway sector.

Armand Toubol

Member of the Board
Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (B.I.C.), France

• Born in 1947
• Engineer from Polytechnique Paris in 1966 and from National Road and Bridges High School 1971
• High civil servant for Public Works Department in North Region in France 1971-1975
• Equipment and Development Director of Dunkirk Port Authority 1975-1981
• Regional Executive of a civil contractor company (CGTH-SADE) in Normandy Region 1982-1984
• CEO of French part of SEALINK , a cross Channel ferry company 1984-1990
• Chairman and CEO of CNC : a combined rail transport operator 1990-1995
• Freight Director and executive board member of SNCF (French Railway undertaking) 1995-2000
• Chairman and CEO of SNCF-Participations (Financial Holding of SNCF) and executive board member of SNCF 2000-2004
• SNCF Chairman Advisor 2004-2009
• SNCF Honorary General Manager Delegated for freight and private consultant for Logistics from June 2009
• During his career has been board member of several companies Geodis, Keolis, STVA, Ermewa, Sealogis, CNC, National Printing Company, STSI…
• Today board member of Bureau International of Containers (BIC)
Vice-Chairman of New Opera AISBL

Miroslav Smulczynski

Director of Business and Operation
PKP LHS, Poland

A graduate from Director Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers in St. Petersburg, specialising in transport processes on the railway. He completed his postgraduate studies in the Management of Capital Companies at the Faculty of Management at AGH in Cracow and the Faculty of Transport at the University of Radom. He has been associated with the railway since 1986. For many years he worked at the PKP CARGO Freight Transport Division in Skarzysko Kamienna. In May 2009 he was appointed as a member of the Management Board as Commercial and Opeartional Director of PKP LHS.

Thomas Kargl

General Manager
Far East Land Bridge, Austria

2001-2002: RCA Rail Cargo Austria, Wien: Regional manager and tariff specialist for Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
2002-2004: Rail Cargo Service s.r.l. Arad, Romania: Commercial Director
2004-2006: Schenker-Railog GmbH, Wien: Product Key Account Manager and Director of Department for transport to/from Commonwealth of Independent States territory
2006-2007: RCS Rail Cargo Spedition GmbH, Wien: Senior Key Account Manager Marketing & Sales
From August 2007: Far East Land Bridge LTD, Wien: General Director

Ralf-Charley Schultze

Multimodal Logistics Director
GEFCO, Austria

Mr. Ralf-Charley Schultze is 47 years old and lives in Vienna with his family. Before going to Austria he was responsible during five years within the freight department of the swiss railways (SBB Cargo) for the combined traffic, the automotive business and the partner management. In this time he had the opportunity to practice liberalization and to experience so called coopetition. He has an international background, speaks fluently five languages and studied law in Germany, France and England. 10 years in different logistics and forwarding companies in Europe gave him a solid logistics background and enabled him understanding, organizing and implementing logistic processes, meeting the real needs of the market. Since one year and a half, Mr. Ralf-Charley Schultze is director for multimodal logistics within the GEFCO group. He is responsible for the development of multimodal business all over Europe with a strong focus on Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Alberto Grisone

Commercial Manager for East Traffic
Hupac Intermodal, Switzerland

Alberto Grisone, born in 1970, took his degree in Law at the State University of Milan in 1996. After two years of activity as researcher and consultant for research institutes in the field of transportation, in 1998 he went to Hupac Intermodal Ltd in Chiasso. In 2001 he was appointed Member of the Board. In his present position he is responsible for the development of new intermodal connections and for the opening up of new markets.

Libor Belfín

Sales Director
JERID, Czech Republic

Mr. Belfin (44) graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague in 1990. In 1993, he co-founded the JERID Company. He went through various positions within that company: consultant of IT systems, marketing manager, account manager and area sales manager. Mr. Belfin has been significantly contributing to establishing international portfolio of company customers since 2003. Currently he is in charge of JERID's sales team.

Jürgen Rogner

Managing Board
Trans Eurasia Transport Solutions, Germany

Jürgen Rogner was one of the key founders of TETS AG (Trans Eurasia Transport Solutions). In his function as Managing Board (CEO), he is responsible for sales & business development, procurement, operations and strategy. He previously worked for the transportation and logistics division of the Deutsche Bahn Group in Germany, where he held various positions. Among others, Rogner was responsible for business development at DB Schenker Rail with a major focus on railway markets in China and in particular the China-German land bridge project in 2008/2009. Before taking up this assignment within the Schenker organization, he was based in Asia for three years. He started his logistics career as a key account manager and was later a branch manager at Rhenus.

Lilia Krutonog

Head of Container Transport Department
Express-Interfracht Czech, Czech Rep.

Russian State Open Technical University of Transportation, Moscow
(certificate of legalisation of the university degree and qualification in the Czech Republic No. 21 535/2001 – 30)
• Faculty: Economic policy and administration
Present – student at the second grade of the postgraduate studies at the University of Pardubice, the Jan Perner Transport Faculty
Since 2005 in the company CSKD Intrans as the Eastward Transportation Department Manager
Since 2010 until now she has been working in Express-Interfracht Czech as the Container Transportation Department Manager

Julien Morizet

Chief Strategy Officer
ERS Railways, Netherlands

Julien Morizet has joined ERS Railways in 2008 as general manager for business development, marketing and corporate strategy. He is now responsible of implementation of new rail products throughout Europe and on the Euro-Asia rail corridor. Previously, Julien Morizet worked for SNCF during 7 years, holding operational positions in infrastructure, passenger, and freight services. Julien Morizet graduated from a French engineering school, and has worked in France, England, USA, and the Netherlands. He actually works and lives in the Rotterdam area.

Juraj Jančina

T.T.T – Transcontinental Transit Terminal, Slovakia

Juraj Jančina was born in Bratislava in 1964. After graduating from Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava in 1988 he worked in Lignoprojekt Bratislava, and later he gained experience in Architektbüro Kordon, Graz in Austria.
He is the founder and chairman of Jančina architekti founded in Bratislava in 1992. Over the past decades the company has been responsible for a wide range of work, from urban masterplans, public infrastructure, shopping centres, residential, offices and workplaces to private houses, hotels, civic and cultural buildings, reconstructions and product design.
Current and recent work includes large projects in Bratislava – Aupark Shopping Center, Apollo Business Center and Twin City, Aupark Shopping Center in Žilina, multifunctional complex HORSE in Poprad.
Many of his projects were awarded with awards for architecture -Apollo Business Center, Aupark Shopping Center, offince buildings Maly trh and Lazaretska, Post bank Headquarters.
Juraj Jančina is author and leader of realization team of the only and largest five modal complex Transcontinental Transit Terminal in Central Europe with its location at the border of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

David Krásenský

Business Consultant
OLTIS Group, Czech Republic

For David, railways are both the profession and the lifelong love. He earned his master degrees at Masaryk University Brno (Computer Science) and at Transport Faculty of University Pardubice (Railway Transport Technology); his experience includes designing the interlocking systems, and above all analysis, designing, and system architecture of information systems for the railway industry. Now he is a strategy consultant at OLTIS Group, and he also publishes articles in technical magazines and regularly speaks at international conferences and industrial events.

Daniel Giblin

EC Harris LLP, Great Britain

Widely experienced Project Manager and Consultant who has extensive cross section experience in Rail, Road, Aviation, Urban Transport, Maritime and Logistics projects
Experienced manager and Financial Investment strategic consultant in transport policy, restructuring, business management. Established Policy, Business Management and Investment solutions for government and private sector organisations.
Extensive experience in transport operations strategies, business and systems.

Rostislav Vašek

Managing Director
CID International, Czech Republic

He graduated from the Transport and Communications College in Žilina, Slovakia, the Railway Economy and Operations Faculty. He has been working in the company since 1997. He has actively participated in the development of information systems and their implementation with the customers. He has significantly contributed to the creation of the product portfolio at CID International focused mainly on logistics. In 2009 he became the company director.

Ognan Andreev

General Director
CTM, Russia

Mr. Andreev graduated from LITMO in 1986. He defended his thesis (Ph.D.) in technical science in Leningrad in 1993. Since 1997, he is General Director of CTM Company. «CTM» is one of official software developers for Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation and JSC “Russian Railways”. «СТМ» developed technologies of preliminary informing and information interaction which increase the throughput of check points.

Jun Zhao

Deputy CEO
China National Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp. (CMC), China

Jun Zhao, Professor Senior Engineer, is deputy CEO of China National Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp.(CMC), taking charge of CMC rail market. Meanwhile, he is executive member of The World Railway Development and Research Society. He got his EMBA degree from University of Texas at Arlington. Before that, He graduated from department of railway mechanical engineering, Northern Jiaotong University (now Beijing Jiaotong University). Mr. Zhao started his career as engineer in Beijing 27th Locomotive Factory from 1982. From 1993, he has been employed by CMC. During his term as staff of rail business, deputy general manager, general manager, deputy CEO, Mr. Zhao took part of several important rail projects abroad, involving infrastructure reconstruction, railway passenger and freight transportation...etc. Above all, Turkey High-speed railway (Ankara-Istanbul) project is the biggest cooperation project (USD $1.269 billion) since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey; Exportation of 30 EMUs to Rio de Janeiro represent the first entry of EMUs made in China to the Brazil up-market; He also got the contract of railway infrastructure in eastern Ghana in 2010.

Jérôme Meline

International Affairs Representative

Jan. 2009 - today ITL / SNCF - Chargé de mission – Prague (CZ): Given to disposition by mother company SNCF to new daughter company ITL, to support her in integration in SNCF, and to prepare the development of the group in Central and Eastern Europe
CEO of Captrain Romania since nov. 2010
May 2004 - Dec 2008 French Railways SNCF – Territory manager for stations and rail traffic controlling in Lorraine: Management of 1300 persons (600 in rail traffic controlling, 700 in stations). Preparation of launching new TGV High Speed Line and services in Lorraine (buildings of new stations, new shunting dispatchings, new commercials products).
Apr. 2001 – May 2004 French Railways SNCF – Regional Project Manager for TGV in
Metz (FR): 60 M€ project linking the new high speed track to the classic network. Communication
about the project to the SNCF-teams, institutional and commercial partners
Feb. 2000 – March 2001 French Railways SNCF – Territory manager for track
maintenance in Blainville (FR): Planning and organisation of the maintenance of tracks and railway bridges
March 1998 - June 1999 French Railways SNCF – Territory manager for Cargo and rail
traffic controlling in Paris (FR): Management of a 200 person unit – Responsible for costs and quality of production
Sept 1997 – Feb. 1998 French Railways SNCF – Station manager in Gretz (FR): First operational missions – management of a 30 person unit
January 1997 Beginning at French Railways SNCF in Paris

Hongyi Fang

Deputy CEO
BeiJing GuoTie HuaChen Communication & Information Technology Co., China

JERID, the Member of OLTIS Group
Telephone: +420 602 774 971
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