International Rail Freight Conference

Conference Topics

1. General and legislative environment for the freight transport

  • Economic conditions after the Great Recession
  • Prospects of the intermodal transport and surface transport in general in the axis Europe – Asia
  • Legislative environment for undertaking in freight transport (including customs)
  • European standards of TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability)

2. Technological components for intermodal transport

  • Developing and expanding the transport networks, corridors
  • Intermodal terminals and cross-border stations – overall situation, revitalization, development
  • Rail gauge and other obstacles of interoperability
  • Engines and railcars for intermodal transport

3. Controlling and information technologies

  • Information systems and data exchange
  • Telematics
  • Technologies for identifying consignments and containers (RFID)
  • Technologies for tracking and tracing (GPS)
  • Security of the long-distance transports

4. Business on rail

  • Successful case studies
  • New developing visions and concepts
  • Tariffs, prices, and business strategies of railway undertakings and operators
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